Kizzi Dancewear

We believe you deserve confident dancers every time they perform, dressed in great looking, comfortable costumes that set them apart. KIZZI costumes give your stand-out choreography life and bring out the best in every dancer.

Our costumes are designed for competitive dancers. They’re customizable and super durable. It doesn’t matter the size, shape, or gender. KIZZI costumes work.

We create everything in the USA and strive to keep the planet as healthy as possible by following the KIZZI G.R.E.E.N. initiative.

When dancer’s wear costumes they love and trust, they perform their best every time. 

KIZZI Dancewear
2502 Oestrick Lane
Austin TX 78733

855-MyKIZZI (855-695-4994)

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Phone: +1 (773) 420-4431
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