Glamour Costumes

Glamour Costumes has been a standout in the Dance Costume Industry for over 20 years based out of Long Island, NY. Known for our distinctive, original costumes that are filled with sequins, feathers, beads, fringes, payettes, silks, lace, appliques, stones and the best organza tutus around! We carry a cutting edge competition line, an affordable recital line and provide the opportunity to create custom costumes. No matter which option you chose, you will be sure to receive a high-quality costume that comes out of the box performance ready. Glamour Costumes offers a full line of accessories to complete your look, no straps or appliques need to be sewn and most come fully stoned. Glamour Costumes takes pride in being a company that works exclusively with dance studio owners and guarantees their costumes arrive looking even better to the eye than they were captured to be…Making your dream costume, a reality!

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