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UDMA Then & Now

United Dance Merchants of America (UDMA) was founded in 1959 and received nonprofit status in 1991. We were a small group of costume companies exhibiting at dance events using an eight-foot table and a rack for displays. Originally founded to protect the rights of member exhibitors, UDMA has grown and developed into a community of businesses whose foundation is deeply rooted in dance.

Today, we are a diverse group of over 100 companies focused on dance. What started as a single show in New York City has grown to multiple cities rotating around the country. Costumes, travel, backdrops, software, competitions, equipment, fundraising, and all things glitter are now represented at a UDMA show. A UDMA show is the only place to see over 10,000 costumes and every resource needed to run a successful studio in one place. The ability to make a one-on-one connection with a company and its products makes the shows an invaluable resource for dance studios.

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